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A unique installation


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In collaboration with 

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Interior Design studio Delfina Design collaborates with Veuve Clicquot to create a unique installation for this year’s Downtown Design.

Delfina Cortese, of Delfina Design, debuts at Downtown Design 2022 with an installation created in collaboration with French brand Veuve Clicquot. Visitors will discover it adjacent to the brand’s lounge overlooking the waterfront.

The installation promises to be one of the highlights of this year fair.


“I was inspired at first by the idea of bubbles that live momentarily, creating these tiny moments of joy, their ephemerality and iridescence, I wanted to capture that with the material,” says Delfina. “The experience itself is a discovery, a journey that needs to be transversed and cannot be easy, because it is never is in life”.

The 90 sqm maze is constructed with a dreamy, iridescent glass that changes colour with the light to create rainbows that evoke memories of our childhood, in contrast with the sharp architectural structure that is evocative of Delfina’s signature approach; the tough glass directing carefree exploration and allowing visitors to lose themselves in playful reflection.

The structure of the glass maze acts as a physical metaphor for the concept of mindfulness, moments of stillness and self-discovery that spark joy and amazement. While the materials and creative direction have been inspired by the spirit of celebration, personified by Veuve Clicquot.

“It’s a great honour to be supported by Veuve Clicquot to realise this idea, this ambition I had to create something unique for this year’s Downtown Design,” Delfina concludes.

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